Hisense ABS Sign

LED PCB Circuite Board Light Source ABS LED Letter Sign for Hisense

Hisense is a worldwide leading home appliance brand, each Hisense store in the comprehensive home appliance shopping mall, the Hisense store must occupy a large area, especially in China market. Moreover, the Hisense exclusive shops can be found everywhere. If you have visited Hisense home appliance stores, you may clearly remember that here have eye-catching LED light letter signs were installed near the Hisense brand various types of products. And On the large Hisense stores, there will be Hisense led sign display on the hanging eyebrow.

So to be sum up, the total will need at least 7-8 sets of LED channel letters or up to 10 sets on each Hisense store. And for Hisense brand, which has many sales areas, domestic markets and worldwide market, the use of led signage is huge. So FOG Lighting has special work out led sign solution for Hisense chain stores, which can help Hisense to solve this problem. We’ve shown the solution for our client, using led PCBA light source, and ABS injection moulding craft to make the Hisense signage, can achieve bulk production in very short lead time, standard, uniformed, and high standard. Our client was very satisfied with this solution, and now we’ve finished the moulds for Hisense.

The Hisense led letters using anti-UV ABS materials to build the shells, is made by the injection moulding machine according to the developed stainless steel moulds. The ABS shells, wire holes, installation holes and heat dissipation holes are formed as one-time forming. The sizes, specifications are unified and standard. The letter shape LED PCBA light source is customized together with the injection moulding ABS shells. Evening lighting, no blind spots, and dark area. The face panel we are using PC materials, its light transmission performance is better than the acrylic panel. Its colour is more bright and white, and its bending is continuous, with strong toughness. Moreover, the PC panel and ABS shells are nested and sealed with glue to achieve seamless and jointless.

Hisense shopfront logo has special requirements on the color, for the normal stainless resin sign only asked to make the Hisense blue resin face. But for the ABS mould LED signs, they asked about Hisense blue face and shell. To solve this problem, we’ve offered 2 solutions for our clients and sent the samples to confirm, one is choosing paint finishing for the shell, 2nd option is using the custom film to cover both the face panel and shell.   If choose the 2nd option, the face panel and shells color can be 100% the same. Final, our client choose the 2nd option that can meet their requirement better.

If want to order Hisense ABS led signage or want to custom your own brand sign, welcome to send us messages via [email protected]. we are happy to receive info from you.

Hisense ABS Sign