High Lighted LED PCBA Board

Custom Aluminum LED PCB Board, LED Circuit Board Manufacturing Services

Due to the LED lighting being very popular, led PCB is widely manufactured and used, it is used in almost every industry, even in our home.

PCB is commonly known as LED PCB or PCB Board for LED, it has many names, including the LED circuit board, LED aluminium PCB, led PCB board, etc., but they all refer to one thing.

What is the SMD LED PCBA board?

LED is a light-emitting diode, a semiconductor that emits light when an electric current flows through it, that’s why it is famous and widely used.

Now LED has already taken place the traditional lighting methods, because it is more reliable, more durable and more efficient. And according to the lighting area and requirements, a combination of LEDs will be used. In most cases, SMD LEDs can provide excellent brightness and lumens. Moreover, a special SMD LED PCB board is widely used in the signage area, the LEDs are well distributed on the aluminium circuit board base, named led PCB.

LED is known for a long lifetime, for example, an SMD LED can light up for an average of 100,000 hours, or even more. This is why LEDs are the most popular light source in the market.

Why aluminium LED PCB board?

Because LEDs give off too much heat when they light up, the baseboard must have excellent heat dissipation capacity. While aluminium material can dissipate heat efficiently without using the heat sink. While transferring heat to the aluminium base, PCB can efficiently dissipate a large amount of heat, this is why LED PCBA can work for a longer. Moreover, aluminium material can withstand high temperatures, but not bend or deteriorate. So LED PCBA circuit board is preferred because of more durable and long-lasting.

What advantages of the LED PCBA board?

  1. Cost-effective, the
  2. Excellent heat dissipation performance
  3. Durable and lightweight, dimension stable,
  4. Longer service life
  5. Lower power consumption
  6. No mercury, more environmentally friendly

FOG Lighting offers the LED PCB assembly service

LED PCB has been used for LED Lighting for a long time, and the LED signage area was a fresh new challenge. The demand for LED PCB assembly and design are increasing (ODM/OEM orders), and the assembly technology is changing with each passing day also.

LED PCB is using aluminium material as the baseboard, the aluminium material has effective heat dissipation specification to lower down the PCB board temperature. However, aluminium material has high thermal conductivity, it is easy to cause poor soldering during the LED PCB assembly process.

FOG Lighting is a professional one-stop service provider for LED signage as well as its components, including LED PCB and ABS shells. For the LED PCBA assembly service, FOG Lighting can offer LED PCB prototype manufacturing, prototype assembly, and PCB LED circuit design for our clients. ODM/OEM LED PCB board are welcomed.

If need to design the LED PCBA for your signage, or make the LED shopfront LED signage for your shop, pls feel free to contact us via [email protected].

LED signage mold design, bulk production for Samsung in South Korea

LED signage mold design, bulk production for Samsung in South Korea

On March 20th, 2016, we got an inquiry from Samsung, South Korea for the ABS injection mold design, mold making, bulk production of their newly design artwork. This inquiry has been sent to several other manufacturers as well.

After discussion with customers and several phone calls, we decide to make the ABS injection mold ourselves to minimize customer’s initial cost and to see if we can establish long term business relationship with Samsung.

20 days later, the mold making and sample proofing has finished, and we sent 3 sets to Samsung headquarter in South Korea and 1 set to Samsung China branch for quality testing.

After two months quality testing, they are satisfied with our LED signage design, product quality, service as well as our reasonable price. They placed an initial order of 5000 sets as the first order.

Samsung also asked some of their agents to purchase standard Samsung LED signage from us directly for small order quantity.

After then, we have been established long term business relationship with Samsung, everytime they have LED signage update and other signage requirements, they contacted us directly.

If you want to make custom LED signages shine as Samsung, or you want to buy Samsung LED signages in small quantity for your local dealer and shop, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] .

ABS Injection Moleded Backlit LED Signage, Mass Production for OPPO Moble Shops

FOG Lighting is the 1st company/factory using the ABS injection molding craft to make LED signage worldwide. We have rich experience in the molding craft, and how to present the most perfect display and lighting effect for the brands.

Today let me introduce another craft for the ABS mold led signage for you.
Injection molding LED signage can not only make front-lit lighting effect but can also make the back light-emitting lighting effect, here we show you FOG Lighting signage solution example for the OPPO backlist shop signs, dedicated for background wall.

Why did OPPO choose the ABS injection mould led letter craft?

When we talk about back luminous LED signage or shop front sign, most people will think of the milky white crystal acrylic and the painted metal shells, which are made by the bending machines.
But considering the huge number of OPPO stores, including China market and the global market, the traditional hand-made backlit led shop signs can not meet OPPO’s requirements. While the open-moulded injection-molded sign shell craft that can achieve rapid mass production was born.

OPPO injection molding letters, both the green front shell and the bottom white base shell of the sign are made by the precise stainless steel mould, the light source we are using are the LED PACBA aluminium baseboard, using pin mounted installation system.

The OPPO backlit ABS mould sign has many advantages, and it is suitable for OPPO store back wall decoration, or shopfront signage.

1. Lightweight, ABS materials, anti-UV and anti-yellowing
2. High-performance lighting effect, bright and even lighting, no shadow and blind spots
3. Cost-effective with high quality, and very beautiful outlook, can help to build brand image
4. Fast production for mass quantities, save the production time
5. PCBA light source, with great heat dissipation function


If you want to make custom LED signages like OPPO, or you want to buy OPPO LED signages for your local dealer and shop, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

FOG Lighting has the full sizes ready-molds OPPO shop signs, frontlit signs, backlit led signs, desktop signs, You are always welcome to consult and inquire.