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Original Supplier Of Injection moulding LED Letter Sign

FOG Lighting — Original Supplier of ABS Mould LED sign

Shenzhen Foguang Lighting (FOG Lighting) co., limited is the 1st factory to use Injection Moulding machines to produce the LED sign for the advertising area.

Moreover, FOG Lighting has many patents for the ABS mould LED signage, and experienced engineers to develop the moulds for clients with new projects.

If you want to know more about the ABS moulded led signs, want to customize your own LED luminous characters, or want to know the ready-mould brands we have, welcome to inquire via [email protected].

FOG Lighting has more than 30000+ ready moulds for the chain brands, SAMSUNG, Galaxy, Huawei, Neo QLED 8K, QLED 8k, sony, Panasonic, Daikin, and LG …, welcome to send us messages if you are looking for the ABS led sign, we are the original supplier, offering high-quality products with competitive prices.

Here please allow me to introduce more details about the advertising ABS injection moulded led signage.

The injection moulding LED signage is made by the moulds with the injection moulding machines.

Its sign shell is integrated and moulded without welding, moreover, the sign shell integration includes outlet holes, installation holes and heat dissipation holes.

And the LED light source is the LED PCBA board, which is pasted by the LED chip mounter.

The LEDs are well distributed to the aluminium PCB base, with a uniform lighting effect, and no dead corners, while the aluminium base has a very good heat dissipation function.

Application Occasions of the ABS Mould LED Signage

The ABS moulded led sign can be used for shopfront signage, desktop led signage, and fixture led signage, pls see the below photos for your reference.

LED light box

ABS mould LED letter sign, use PCBA led light source, and ABS injection moulding shell to make the advertising led signage, which is very suitable for the chain brands.

Because the injection moulding craft supports mass production in a very short time, but with high quality and perfect lighting effect. The LED ABS sign uses the one-time forming injection moulding cart, with no joints and a super beautiful outlook.

Moreover, using the LED PCBA light source has the advantage of even lighting, no blind spots and dark areas, and has a superior lighting effect compared with traditional LED signage.

So many chain brands choose ABS signage, like SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, SONY, LG, Neo QLED 8K, Galaxy, etc telecom chain brands, home appliance chain brands, beauty brands, etc.

If you need the custom LED sign, welcome to contact us freely via [email protected]. Moreover, FOG lighting has 3000+ ready moulds for famous chain brands, like SAMSUNG, TOYOTA, OPPO, VIVO, Galaxy, SHARP, Haier, Media, and Neo QLED series, etc.


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Why LED sign so popular and which LED signage suitable for chain brands?

At present, many brand franchise stores use LED luminous signage as the shopfront signboards. The main reason why LED letter signs are widely used is that LED signage has uniform light transmittance, a smooth surface, and good colour reproduction. As well as no colour difference, good weather resistance, good impact resistance, not easy to embrittlement and fading, many people call it ‘Chain Brand LED Signage’. The chain brand LED signage can improve the grade of brand chain stores on a certain basis, bring a certain amount of passersby, and at the same time can illuminate the road for people, contribute to the city night scene, and make the world beautiful and colourful.

Now let FOG Lighting — the professional LED sign solution factory share with you why the chain brand LED signage are so popular?

In fact, this is all thanks to the LED luminous signage manufacturer’s strong design team and superb production technology of the production and construction team. Only the combination of these two can produce chain brand LED signage, which provides consumers with good visual enjoyment and information transmission. So when sign makers make the brand chain luminous LED signage, not only need to consider the perception of consumers from the design of luminous lighting but also need to impress consumers and create an overall atmosphere, which will inevitably affect its development and popularization.

As we all know, have a creative sign that will be the centre of attention no matter where you are. So the chain brand shopfront LED sign is used by many brand franchise stores. It has the characteristics of windproof, waterproof, dustproof and can be operated all day long. Moreover, it is not affected by harsh weather conditions; it replaces other indoor and outdoor signs and lighting systems with sensitive and changeable methods.

Energy-saving, low operating cost, low power consumption with only one-tenth of traditional neon lights, many chain brand merchants will choose the ABA mould LED signage because of its characteristics.

Above is what FOG Lighting LED sign maker wants to share with you, why the chain-brand led signage ABS led signs are so popular, the information is for your reference. If you want to know more about LED shopfront signage, as well as the ABS led signs for chain brands, welcome to read about the FOG Lighting website, we will update it regularly!  If you want to customize advertising LED signage or want to know the custom price of LED luminous characters, welcome to inquire via [email protected].


Now we know the reason why chain-brand led signs are so popular, next let’s share its’ design & production theory and which type of led signage are suitable for the chain brands. In commercial places, the logo of chain operation is a well-known brand that most of us can remember. And almost all of the shopfront signboards or fixture signage are the LED letter sign or led lightbox because the luminous characters can highlight the brand value. I believe that everyone is very familiar with store signs because this kind of chain store LED sign can attract everyone’s interest and let everyone know more about their stores. So many companies and stores will be very attentive when designing the shopfront sign or advertising led sign to attract clients and highlight their brands. Next, let’s learn about the production and design principles of chain-store signs first.

The chain brand LED signage’s design & production theory

Design Principle 1: CONCEPT, to combine function and artistic design, this principle strictly stipulates the requirements of order when making chain stores LED sign letters, pay great attention to the priority, and also need to consider the development culture of the enterprise.

Design Principle 2: FUNCTION, before production, the staff must have a detailed understanding of the function design and must consider every important design point. Moreover, the design elements must be clearly expressed, so as to allow more consumers to understand, and attract everyone’s attention. So this kind of functional design is often used in the design of indoor chain stores’ LED sign letters.

Design Principle 3: ART, this method can make the chain store’s luminous words more eye-catching, so as to achieve a better publicity advertising effect. Therefore, we must have clear ideas when designing the led signs, need to pay attention to adding unique elements, and use concise language.

Which type of led signage is suitable for the chain brand stores?

The chain-brand shops led signboard and led letter signs can be divided into non-luminous signage and LED luminous letter signs. The types of chain store LED signs are including LED lightbox luminous led signs, stainless steel LED letter signs, resin LED letter signs, back-lit LED letter signs, plastic LED letter signs, mini LED letter signs, etc.  While non-luminous shop signs include stainless steel characters, crystal characters, etc., which are mostly made of stainless steel, acrylic resin, epoxy resin, galvanized plate, etc.

And here I’d like to introduce you to the ABS mould LED letter sign, using PCBA led light source, and ABS injection moulding shell to make the advertising led signage, which is the best for the chain brands. Many chain brands choose ABS signage, like SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, SONY, LG, Neo QLED 8K, Galaxy, etc telecom chain brands, home appliance chain brands, beauty brands, etc.

Because the injection moulding craft supports mass production in a very short time, but with high quality and perfect lighting effect. The LED ABS sign uses the one-time forming injection moulding cart, with no joints and a super beautiful outlook. Moreover, using the LED PCBA light source has the advantage of even lighting, no blind spots and dark areas, with superior lighting effect compared with traditional LED signage.

The ABS led sign can be used for outdoor shopfront signage, indoor desktop led signage, or fixture led signage.

If you want to customise your led signage, welcome to contact us freely via [email protected]. Moreover, FOG lighting has 3000+ ready moulds for famous chain brands, like SAMSUNG, TOYOTA, OPPO, VIVO, Galaxy, SHARP, Haier, Media, Neo QLED series, etc. Pls contact us freely to get more info, like sizes, prices, colour temperature etc.

Custom Desktop LED counter display sign


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What is double-sides LED shop sign logo?

The double-sided luminous LED light sign is also known as front-lit and backlit led sign, which can emit light on both sides. The 2-sides led signage is usually used in the commercial area and some public service places. The double sides led channel letter sign has a good advertising and lighting effect, also very popular in the signage market. Generally speaking, LED double-sided luminous signage high-quality acrylic as luminous surface panels,  and using metal materials to build the sign shells and edges. And its light is soft, natural and uniform.

Generally speaking, double-sided led luminous sign logos have the following 3 characteristics:
  1. Fashion and beautiful, the sign shell and bottom are well engraved with the engraving machine and also carefully polished, which is in line with the aesthetics of young people. And this is one of the important reasons why commercial places favour double-sided LED channel letter signs
  2. Good manufacturer craft and texture, just like a handicraft, light up from the front and side, with a full sense of fashion. The sign shell and bottom are made of high-quality polymer acrylic materials, with stronger weather resistance and impact resistance, as well as a good sealing effect. To provide a suitable interior working environment and longer service life.
  3. Energy-saving, in line with the current environmental protection concept.
Clients will be a bit confused with the backlit led shop sign or the 2-sides led shop sign, then what is the difference between them?

Both 2-sides led sign and backlit led sign are having a relatively high market share in the advertising led sign market, so how do we choose?

First of all, we will need to clarify the difference between the LED double-sided luminous sign and the backlit pin mounted led sign. What are the differences between them?

Then let FOG Lighting’s editor show you, we can analyze from the four aspects, lighting effect, materials, characteristics and features, and the last is the application,  details are as follows:

  1. Lighting effect, double-sided LED luminous signage lighting on both front and back at the same time, while the backlit LED sign only light on the bottom.
  2. Materials, 2-sides LED sign’s shell is made of iron or stainless steel, and use acrylic as face panel, and usually metal edge on the sign. While the backlit led sign is made of stainless steel and titanium plates materials.
  3. Characteristics of usage, 2-sides signs can be lit up both on the front and bottom, so no matter clients view from which angles, the 2-sides signs are very attractive and live, no dead ends and each side is bright. However, the backlit led sign has a long working life, strong 3-dimensional effect, soft light and moderate brightness.
  4. Using directions, 2-sides led signs are widely used in various commercial places, such as merchants in shopping malls, and various supermarket door advertisements. The backlit led sign is generally used for indoor decoration walls, company front desks, background walls, etc.

However, the backlit LED signage has another manufacturer craft, which is made by injection moulding machines. One-time forming injection moulded craft, no joints with smooth lines. Pls refer to the following photo, here we can see while using this craft, the backlit sign has a very beautiful and gorgeous appearance. Moreover, the 2nd craft is more suitable for chain shops and brands, supports mass production.

If you are looking for reliable led sign suppliers in China, FOG Lighting is a good choice, with more than 17 years of led signage manufacturer experience, and offering professional signage one-stop solutions for our clients. Pls contact us via [email protected] for more info and quotations, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Introduction of 6 Common Acrylic Luminous LED Channel Letter Signage

Acrylic led shop signs, hotel signs are very popular and common use, but there are many types of acrylic LED letter signs. Strictly speaking, the luminous LED signage that uses acrylic panels can be called acrylic signage. Below we introduce 6 commonly used acrylic luminous led letter signs.

1. Full-sides luminous LED acrylic channel letter signage

Also called 3-sides led channel letters, the front, side and flat surfaces are illuminated. And the colour of the LEDs can be changed according to customer needs, also different colours can be selected according to the colour of the panel.

The advantage of this craft is that when shine at night, have good gloss, bright colours, is waterproof and energy-saving, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, cannot be made in too small sizes.

2. Frontlit acrylic LED channel letters

The front is illuminated, generally, using 3mm transparent acrylic as the front panel, and the edge and bottom are using stainless steel with baking varnish. Moreover, the production processes are basically the same as the 3-sides light up acrylic led channel letters.

3. Three-dimensional blister acrylic led channel letters

3-sides illuminated led signs that are formed by blister moulding on the acrylic panel, also, some of them are engraved and glued to the acrylic panel, which is strong, durable, waterproof and energy saving.

4. Frontlit blister acrylic led channel letters

The production craft is similar to the blister lightbox, the acrylic panel is blister moulded, and the front is illuminated, the edge and the bottom is made of iron or stainless steel material.

5. Acrylic mini led channel letter sign

The distinguishing feature of the mini led signage is that the bottom area is larger than the upper area, the lighting area is wider, the lines are soft, and with the outstanding three-dimensional effect. Even from a far distance, you can see clear light from all angles, and the font is layered.

6. ABS fixture LED channel letter sign, injection moulding craft

The sign shells are made by injection moulding machines, one-time forming craft, no joints, standard and unified.

Moreover, the ABS signs use the led PCBA as the light source, with perfect lighting effect, no dead corners and blind spots, suitable for the chain stores, famous brands, like SAMSUNG, APPLE, HUAWEI, HORNER, SONY, LG, etc. mobile brands, home appliance brands, car brands, beauty brands…

Then why are ABS signs so popular among the chain brands?

  1. ABS material is environmentally friendly with an anti-UV function
  2. Using energy-saving LED PCB as light source, aluminium base with good heat dissipation performance
  3. Excellent lighting effect, no dead corners and shadows when light up
  4. Injection moulding craft, no joint, standard, unified with high grade
  5. Support mass production within a very short lead time, for example around a week for the order below 1000 sets.
  6. The most important is cost-effective with superior quality

If want to know more info about the acrylic led channel letter sign or the ABS fixture led sign, pls feel free to contact us via fog@foglighting, our team will offer a professional signage solution for you and your business.