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What is ABS LED injection molded letter Sign and Advantages?

What are ABS LED injection molded letters? ABS LED injection molded letter is a type of LED signage, that uses ABS injection molding technology, ABS material is injected into a mold, and shaped into three-dimensional letters with LED PCBA board. ABS LED injection molded letter sign has its own unique advantages over other types of […]

LED Shop Signs: A Powerful Tool for Business Signage and Branding

FOG Lighting — Original Supplier of ABS Mould LED sign Shenzhen Foguang Lighting (FOG Lighting) Co., Limited is the top manufacturer producing LED signs in China. FOG Lighting has experienced engineers to support clients with new designs and projects. Moreover, has many patents for the ABS mould LED signage for the brands. If you want […]

Original Supplier Of Injection moulding LED Letter Sign

FOG Lighting — Original Supplier of ABS Mould LED sign Shenzhen Foguang Lighting (FOG Lighting) co., limited is the 1st factory to use Injection Moulding machines to produce the LED sign for the advertising area. Moreover, FOG Lighting has many patents for the ABS mould LED signage, and experienced engineers to develop the moulds for […]

What is double-sides LED shop sign logo?

The double-sided luminous LED light sign is also known as front-lit and backlit led sign, which can emit light on both sides. The 2-sides led signage is usually used in the commercial area and some public service places. The double sides led channel letter sign has a good advertising and lighting effect, also very popular […]

LED Channel Letter Sign Market and Future Development Analysis

LED luminous signage is a new type of luminous logo product with a beautiful, exquisite and fashionable appearance. It is often used in some medium and high-end places, like brand stores, chain brand stores, hotels, shopping malls, airports, offices and so on in daily life. LED light-emitting advertising shop signs are widely used on the […]

How to Design Your Shopfront LED Sign and Its Function

The LED channel letter signs have a great impact on the shop. Aesthetically speaking, attracting customers’ attention is particularly important. According to the relevant social psychology survey report, beautiful and eye-catching colours can cause the visual impact of temptation, and the distinctive and independent innovation of the brand image will also have the temptation of […]

Why SAMSUNG Choose The Intelligent ABS Fixture LED Sign?

SAMSUNG is one of the world’s most well-known communication brands, their market covers all over the world. Generally, SAMSUNG stores/retail shops etc. terminals sellers will be equipped with specific SAMSUNG led shop signs. And from 2020 and 2021, all SAMSUNG shops changed their new ABS injection moulding led fixture signage, they changed the sharp angels […]